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Internet Partnerships for Business and Communities
(Other Services include Internet Consultancy, Intensive Website Promotion, Corporate Seminars
Customised WWW Information Searches, and Local Community Websites Design & Hosting)
Get YOUR Business into the Lead with our help - It makes sense!


Internet Partnerships      
EGIC Internet Partnerships are intended to ease the entrance to the www, of businesses
who have yet to experience the benefits afforded by this new medium, or to assist Businesses already using the Internet to improve their websites or performance.

Businesses New to the Web:

  • For Business Starting out - Checking your business specific needs - Minimising, spreading and sharing costs - Finding the right web server for you - Registering your 'domain' - Designing your website - Advising on E Commerce methods - Negotiating E Commerce deals - Launching your website on the www
  • Ongoing - Checking and maintaining your website - Promoting your website regularly - Advising on necessary changes - Advising on possible new markets - Advising on new technologies - Implementing changes as authorised
  • Business With Existing Websites:
  • Initial Checking and Action - Your business specific needs - The suitability of your existing website - Minimising, sharing and spreading costs - Your existing E commerce arrangements - Advising and suggesting changes - Making such changes as are authorised including a complete re-design if required - Launching your new www presence.
  • Ongoing - Aggressive and regular promotion - Checking and maintaining your website - Advising on possible new markets - Advising on new technology - Updating your www 'image' as authorised
  •  How it works:
     After an initial enquiry from Your business, EGIC consult with You to ascertain
     your specific targets and intentions in relation to the World Wide Web.
  • For example: - What does Your business seek to gain from the www. - Do You want to sell products or services via the net. - What are Your budget restraints if any. - What is the 'Corporate Image' You wish to portray. - What is Your target audience(s). This Initial Consultation is FREE! The next step is to work out in consultation with You the optimum way of achieving the desired targets. This includes whether or not to have a 'domain' or to subhost under an existing domain. It also takes in the server requirements that will be needed for Your new website, any Third Party Software that may be required, and the costing of all areas and alternative schemes minimising and spreading costs. Note: The methods of minimising and spreading costs are explained in detail to You during this consultation. At the end of this exercise a final cost can be ascertained in terms of Start up and Ongoing needs. Funding or assistance with this cost is then examined to find sources, and approaches made on Your behalf as needed. Once an approach and the necessary action is decided upon and authorised by You, EGIC then set the ball in motion, supporting and guiding Your new venture through its various stages. So enabling the full potential of your new website to be achieved and targets met. Note: EGIC have 6 years of Internet experience, and can offer this experience and knowledge to YOU our client. The Initial Consultation is FREE! The fee for the 'Working Consultation' is minimal and can SAVE YOU hundreds if not thousands of pounds or dollars NOW and each year, in wasted marketing budget OR enable you to greatly INCREASE YOUR PROFITS via correct and businesslike use of the internet. IT MAKES SENSE - DOES IT NOT?
  • Some of Our Partnerships - www.sell-all.co.uk Wrexham/Chester   (New) - Plassey Brewery - www.sell-all.co.uk Wirral   (New) - www.sell-all.co.uk Crewe/Nantwich   (New) - Archlectic Designs - CarSales 2000   (New) - Display Technology
  • Partnership Enquiries and Proposals form:
    [ENQUIRIES]     or     EMAIL: EGIC     to be sent a form by Mail.

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